Training, Notting Hill Gate(ish), Day 5

So thanks to the Virgin Train strikes, the last day of my week’s training ended up from home, no bad thing, its preferable to being stranded in the capital over the weekend! So rather than scooting home on the Friday as per the original plan, I ended up back at home Thursday night, with a concrete idea of what I was doing Friday, thanks to some excellent direction from Tony, our tutor. Clearly the Friday plan was achieved, as this is it. The blog, website and content was my Friday. As engineers our own brand is important, it defines us, shows what we can do, and gives us all a place outside of our work lives to truly have a platform to demonstrate who we are, and what we do outside of client and company needs. Twitter is all well and good, but one little tweet is lost in the billions of other tweets, and so our own blog and platform through which to promote and communicate is essential.

So the day started out with a quick bit of web research to find what is generally regarded as the best web host (shameless plug for GoDaddy, excellent service, best online management portal!), then a few minutes reading up on wordpress integration. Finally after some mooching around looking for domains I settled on this one (the .XYZ being particularly good as a tie in to 3D printing!).

As you can see, we’re all set, my own domain and blog site, a handy platform through which to vent, to comment, and to feed back. So it was a good week, good time to sit down with the other engineers, play around making, designing, mending, coming up with ideas – it was all great fun, and well supported by our tutor Tony, who gave just the right level of involvement to keep us all pointed in the right direction, but without being overbearing or barking direct orders! Looking forward to 2018 I hope we can all get together more often, and show that the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts…

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