The world’s least proactive blog…

Blogs are a funny thing, they always feel like a better idea as a concept, than they do as a reality – in that for me at least, I start one with good intentions, but then entirely forget about it, and continue to just post on the regular social media channels with no regard for the fact I actually have my own platform upon which I can say and shape as I please.

The other thing of course is that like most people (assumption), I consider my life to be quite ordinary, people constantly remind me that my work with CAD and 3D printing actually IS something a bit outside of the norm, and that I should be talking more about it and doing more with it – but its a way of life for me so I actually don’t think a great deal of it, I just move from one project to the next.

So here it is, I’ll make more effort. Soz.

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