Ministerial visiterial

The UK Minister for Small Business, MP Andrew Griffiths, came in to our new Lab this week, I had a chance to talk to him about our LoRa projects, and demonstrate our philosophy and equipment for rapid prototyping – illustrating how we take our ideas and concepts to reality in a matter of hours.

He was a very nice chap and seemed genuinely interested in what we are doing.


Aside the poor colloquial joke title, its been a good morning. Having only really be

gun to cut my teeth with LPWAN at the tail end of last year, this morning I set what appears to be a UK distance record for LoRaWAN, just under 70km, from 902ft up a hillside in Wales, to North and East Manchester gateways. I think I’d call that success.

The node is a Pycom LoPy4, with an IMST antenna, had a few pings at that distance, and not really even getting toward the end of the signal strength, so if I can find somewhere eq

ually geographically forgiving then there is definitely more to come. Snowdon I guess…


LoRa LoRa experiments…

Playing with LoRa this weekend, kind of would help if I had my own gateway so I knew how far my messages were getting – single channel gateway is on order, but I’ll take this little puppy to work tomorrow and try it out there – I know there is good network coverage… Working on LoRa is all good, but when stuff doesn’t appear at the other end of the TTN, in the situation I am now with no gateway access, I have no idea where stuff is going, or how far its getting!

In better news however, my floating filament system for the Prusa i3 works beautifully 🙂