Ministerial visiterial

The UK Minister for Small Business, MP Andrew Griffiths, came in to our new Lab this week, I had a chance to talk to him about our LoRa projects, and demonstrate our philosophy and equipment for rapid prototyping – illustrating how we take our ideas and concepts to reality in a matter of hours.

He was a very nice chap and seemed genuinely interested in what we are doing.

Its all metrics.

So this last few weeks I’ve been doing lots of grown up adulting, proper projects and things, and over the course of these few weeks I’ve heard the word “Metric” more times than I care to remember, its a very relevant word right now as it forms the basis for a number of work projects. But I like to understand things, so decided I wanted my own project to do uhh… metricing. With environmental data seeming to be the “Hello World!” of metrics, what better way than an environment monitor for the man cave command bunker. The data collection side is looking pretty good in prototype stage…

A little RaspiPi Zero W, collecting at this stage from a Bosch BME280 sensor over I2C (Temp/Baro/RH%), what a nice little sensor, as the sharp-eyes can see there is also an adafruit ADC there too, into which I’ll be feeding an MQ-135 air quality sensor, and likely some kind of light and/or UV sensor. Eventually I may bin the whole lot off for the new Bosch BME680(?) which combines all the previous functions into one package. Very cute.

With the data collected by EnviroPi ™, it’ll be fired over to my latest acquisition, a little HP microserver, running Ubuntu, and a time series database of some kind (Likely Graphite Carbon, but undecided at this stage as I’m wavering toward Influx), all visualised nicely with Grafana. The main question is, why? The answer is, why not?