LoRa LoRa experiments…

Playing with LoRa this weekend, kind of would help if I had my own gateway so I knew how far my messages were getting – single channel gateway is on order, but I’ll take this little puppy to work tomorrow and try it out there – I know there is good network coverage… Working on LoRa is all good, but when stuff doesn’t appear at the other end of the TTN, in the situation I am now with no gateway access, I have no idea where stuff is going, or how far its getting!

In better news however, my floating filament system for the Prusa i3 works beautifully 🙂

Arduino development goodness

Happy New Year one and all 🙂

So I have a power supply, I have a nice little maker space at home to play around, and now thanks to the lovely kits by Keyestudio (available at great prices from Gearbest.com) I have a wealth of excellent sensors to play around with.

This is the Uno kit (as you can probably see), and I’m waiting on a Mega kit too, plus I have two Dragino LoRa boards just arrived from China too, so, I’ll brainstorm a few ideas and make some cool stuff of some kind!

FabLab training was great for getting my brain working around this kind of kit, for getting me to think in a developmental way. I’ve a load of extra atmospheric and temperature sensors too that I bought on eBay in bulk, so as a friend of mind said, “sending the temperature is the Hello World of LoRa” I think I need to follow that up with some kind of weather/enviro monitor kind of thing, just for shizzles and giggles…